Why We Get Sick

To everyone with a chronic disease who ever said to me: “Doc, I don’t like taking all these drugs, what can I do?”, I hereby officially add to my list: Get Dr Bikman’s book!

Better yet, buy two and give one to someone you love! 85% of Americans may be insulin resistant!

Dr Bikman is a scientist and pathophysiology professor at Brigham Young University and in this book, he BLOWS AWAY current medical dogma. He’s not just pruning some dead branches in medical knowledge, he’s clearing a mountain of boulders blocking modern medicine’s path path forward. Even better, he is showing us what caused the avalanche AND what to do about it.

This book gets ALL the stars! And, if you get to know the author like I did, by watching him lecture on YouTube that is, I think you’ll love him too. He’s a real person eager to share what he knows. A generous teacher.

Reading books written by the professor/PhD crowd can be a daunting intellectual exercise. You might worry it will be full of excruciating detail on obscure topics, and unfamiliar jargon, or worse, have a condescending tone of superiority leaving you feel overwhelmed and deflated. Not so here! You will be pleased to see that he writes in common language and explains terms that might be unfamiliar. And, you will be even more pleased to breathe in his contagious air of optimism, earnestness, and excitement. This, in what could be a very disheartening topic. Even where he must get a little technical with the vocabulary, it doesn’t last long and you will certainly be able to get the gist and know what to do next.

The upshot of this book is that much of what ails us is due to insulin resistance. Not diabetes, for that is much, much too late in the process. Diabetes is the end game. Or, as he presents, is just one of the end games.

Insulin resistance, and the complex cascade of metabolic problems it causes, affects every part of our body.

Including the brain.

Decades before disease strikes.

In his book, he walks us along a pleasant but shockingly informative trail, leading us by the hand and pointing out along the way how insulin resistance relates to so many of our chronic diseases, the stumbling stones for so many of us on our path of life. Here’s a few to whet your appetite.

High blood pressure





Parkinson’s disease




Erectile Dysfunction

Precocious puberty

Breast Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Colorectal Cancer





Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease


Kidney stones

Statin drugs

Wait?… What?… Statin drugs? Yes!

Isn’t LDL the bad cholesterol, the enemy stalking every American heart? Well, it turns out, there is more to the story. There are two kinds of LDL, LDL A and LDL B. LDL A is not the enemy that LDL B is. And we don’t test for this distinction with our usual labs. Fortunately, Dr Bikman gives those of us not living in a laboratory an easy way to estimate our risk of atherosclerotic plaques. What’s more, he gives us practical, usable science-backed advice we can implement immediately in our lives to prevent, stop and reverse much of what ails us.

Quick! Cut the carbs. Before any more damage is done.